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The BNY Mellon Global Real Return Fund (EUR) and (USD) seeks to achieve returns for investors through a multi-asset, global portfolio. Investment decisions are a result of Newton's proprietary, global thematic investment approach.

The Fund has a performance aim of cash (1-month EURIBOR/USD LIBOR) +4% per annum over 5 years before fees. This outcome is not guaranteed and may not be achieved*.

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    These documents give you an in-depth look into the Platinum S&P Capital IQ rated EUR and USD Funds. These
    include Fund at a Glances, Factsheet, Sales aids and S&P Capital IQ grading reports.

    Fund name Factsheet Fund
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    BNY Mellon Global Real Return Fund EUR
    BNY Mellon Global Real Return Fund USD
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    Celebrating a sparkling three year track record
    The BNY Mellon Global Real Return (EUR) Fund has recently celebrated its third birthday.

    GRR chart

    Source: Lipper as at 30 September 2013. Performance is shown for Euro C unless otherwise stated. Total Return, including annual management charge, but excluding initial charge, net of performance fees income reinvested gross of tax, expressed in share class currency. The impact of the initial charge which may be up to 5% can be material on the performance of your investment. Performance figures including the initial charge are available upon request.